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The production of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is one of the fastest growing domains of manufacturing industry in the western word. Both technological innovation and market expansion continue to accelerate the replacement process. New applications of electrical and electronic equipment are increasing significantly. There is hardly any part of life where electrical and electronic equipment are not used. This development leads to an important increase in waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Each year in the European Community a volume of 6 Mt of EEE with an increasing rate of 3-5% per year are present at waste. Using present facilities enormous environmental impact of PCDDs - Dioxin, PCDFs - Furans, PBBs-Brominated Flame retardants and heavy metals is given.

A group of 12 partners from 7 European Countries are working together in developing a prototype for “zero waste” conversion of EEE.

  Impact on environment
  Impact on health
  Impact on employment
  Noble metal recovery
  Clean fuel production
  Prevention of hazardous materials
  Contribution to EC policies